cross 1. You can race these in Biala
Answer : Newths
3. Rob these to collect bones
Answer : Graves
5. You can buy this in the Fast Food shop
Answer : Hamburger
8. The Treasure Map that gives you burnt items when completed
Answer : Volcano
9. A teddy bear pet
Answer : Feliz
10. A tasty treat from Candyland
Answer : Chocolate
11. A very young pet costume
Answer : Baby
14. The species of pet that lives inside Baspinar Castle and loves battling
Answer : Knutt
15. A musical instrument with strings
Answer : Guitar
16. He lives in a green truck
Answer : Travis


2. Feed these to the fish in the Aquarium
Answer : Worms
4. This Simerian may give you a Rune if you complete his quest
Answer : Explorer
5. A stamp collector
Answer : Hector
6. You can ask questions about Marapets here
Answer : Editorial
7. Where you find the Tanning Salon
Answer : Lowlyhood
10. A mission in Slater Park
Answer : Circus
12. The pet prize from The Fates mission
Answer : Yuni
13. Fugunzel's favorite item
Answer : Charms