Pet Help

Questions and Answers about your Pets.

How do I create a Marapet? You can create a Marapet here. This will also earn you 2500 marapoints.
Where can I adopt a Marapet? You can adopt a Marapet from the Pound in the Undying Woods for a small charge.
How many pets can I have? You can have up to 13 pets on your account. If you purchase Extra Pet Gift Boxes you can have up to 100 pets but you will need one Extra Pet Gift Box for each extra pet.
How do I feed my Pet? If your pet is hungry you should feed your pet foods that you can buy in the shops. Buy the item, go to your inventory, click on the item and "use" it.
Is there somewhere I can get free food? If you have less than 7,500mps you can feed your pet at the Gingerbread House in Candyland.
My Pet is tired, what should I do? Put a bed in your marahome and let your pet sleep for a while.
You can also feed your pet some marapops from the soft drink shop in Slater Park.
Or put your pet in the Hotel in the City.
How do I make my Pet happy? Let it play with some toys or plushies. Buy the item, go to your inventory, click on the item and "use" it.
How does my pet read a book? Buy the book, go to your inventory, click on the book and "use" it, then select which pet is to read the book. Go to your pet's page, click the Book icon then refresh the page to update the counter.
How does my pet watch a DVD? Buy the DVD, go to your inventory, click on the DVD and "use" it, then select which pet is to watch the DVD. Go to your pet's page, click the DVD icon then refresh the page to update the counter.
How does my pet listen to a CD? Buy the CD, go to your inventory, click on the CD and "use" it, then select which pet is to listen to the CD. Go to your pet's page, click the CD icon then refresh the page to update the counter.
How do I change the colour of my pet? You can change the colour of your pet by using a Costume, Potion or Enchanted Plushie.
Where can I get a Costume for my Pet? The Costume Shop is in Biala. You should also try user shops, trades and auctions.
For a full list of Pet Costumes Click Here.
Where can I get a Potion to change my Pet? The Potion Shop is in Dukka Caves. You should also try user shops, trades and auctions.
For a list of Pet Potions Click Here.
What is an Enchanted Plushie? Enchanted Plushies are plushies with magical powers to change your pet. You can win them from the Plushie Machine or buy them from user shops, trades and auctions. If you let your pet play with an Enchanted Plushie it will turn your pet into the same colour and species as the plushie. You can only use an Enchanted Plushie once, then it loses it's magical powers.
What does LE stand for? LE stands for Limited Edition.
How can I get a Limited Edition Pet? You can only get Limited Edition pets from using a potion or Enchanted Plushie. These often come as Account Upgrade prizes.
If you can't get an Account Upgrade try Trades and Auctions. You can also win Limited Edition pet potions from completing Missions.
How can my pet get a job? Your pet can get a job at the Job Centre in the City. Your pets will need certain statistics before they can get jobs. Pet statistics can be raised at the Gym or School.
For more information on pet jobs click here.
Where is the School? The School is in the City.
Your pet can only study one course at a time. School course fees are non-refundable.
Where can I buy School Supplies? The School Supplies shop is in Puchala. You can also buy school supplies from user shops. If you can't get the items you need, just cancel the course and try again.
How can I train my pet to make it stronger? You can train your pet at the Gym on Minipet Island. The courses are paid for in crystals available from shops or by doing Elger quests. You can also gain stats from the Operation Portal and Clocktower.
How can I increase my pet's Magic stats? Magic stats can be gained in several ways. If you have completed the Ice Caves map you can visit the Ice Caves. You can do Computer Quests in Ziranek or visit Eleka Fountain in Eleka Castle. Level 21 of each of the Temples in Simeria gives 10 Magic stats and Level 21 of each Pyramid in Kamilah gives 5 Magic stats.
Where is the Operation Portal and what does it do? The Operation Portal is at Epinah.
The portal will change your pet's stats, colour or species. You can go once per day.
Where and what is the Clock Tower? Once per day your pet's stats can be increased
by visiting the Clock Tower in the Undying Woods.
How does my pet gain Charisma? Charisma is gained from random events, randomly when your pet completes school courses or from riding Murfin Madness in Slater Park. WARNING: Pets can get sick from this ride. Do not use it unless you can afford to cure your pet. You can also gain Charisma stats from the Guillotine but you pet might lose it's head. Level 13 of each of the Temples in Simeria gives 5 Charmisma stats and Level 13 of each Pyramid in Kamilah gives 3 Charisma stats.
Where can my pet Battle? The Battle Arena is on Minipet Island.
For more battle help go to my Battle Help page.
How can I heal my pet after battle? To heal your pet, take it to the Healing Pit in Jenoa.
My Pet is Sick. How can I cure it? Go to the Pharmacy in Puchala. Buy the cure you need and then go to your inventory and "use" it on your pet. If you can't find the medications you need you can take your pet
to be cured at the hospital which will cost you 2,500mps.
For a full list of medications and their uses click here.
Can Pets really die? Yes they can. If you neglect your pet for too long it will die. You will get a warning messagel if your pet is going to die so that you have a chance to save it.
How can I make sure my pet doesn't die? Make sure your pet is kept happy, fed and rested. If your pet gets sick cure it as soon as possible.
What happens if my pet dies? If you neglect your pet, you may randomly get a warning pop up on the page as a random event telling you that you have 7 days to cure your pet. After these 7 days, your pet will die and go to the Gates of the Graveyard. You have two weeks from your pet dying to save your pet for the last time before it goes to the Graveyard and becomes a Zombie, where *ANY* player can adopt the pet. At the Gates of the Graveyard, it will cost you 50,000MP to save a pet as a Zombie and 75,000MP to save the pet unchanged.
How can I get a zombie pet? You can adopt zombie pets from the Graveyard in the Undying Woods.
There is also a zombie costume but it is extremely rare. You can also feed your pet a Poison to kill it then you can rescue it for a cost of 50,000mps. The poison type must match your pet.
I adopted a zombie pet but now I can't disown it! You cannot disown a zombie pet. First you must make it a different colour using an enchanted plushie, potion or costume.
How can I get my Pet into Jail? Pets can go to Jail if you do things that are illegal. Grave Robbing, overuse of Illegal Concoctions or non-payment of a Power Bill can all send your pets to Jail.
How do I pay my Power Bill? Go to the Power Station in the City to pay your bill.
How do I get my pet out of Jail? Go to the Prison in the city and pay the fine.