You can get these avatars by clicking the links.

Go to the Online Users list when more than 1000 users are online.
Go to your attic.
Visit the bank when it is closed.
Click Players Online when the day layout is up.
Refresh at the egg shop.
Refresh at the Explore page at 00, 15, 30 or 45 past the hour.>/td>
Look at the page of Grey pets.
Refresh at the Giant Fruits shop.
Go to your your marahome.
View the profile of the pet named Invisible.
Go to Minipet colours, click on a minipet and refresh a lot.
Click Players Online when the night layout is up.
Refresh at the news page.
Go to the Log In page.
Look up a pink pet.
Look at the profile of the Snow Costume.
Go to the Account Upgrade page and refresh.
Go to the Upload page on a Thursday.
Look at all the pets that can be painted white.
Refresh at Zirenek.