Questions and Answers about Forums and Maramail.

What are Forums? Forums are where you can chat with other players if you are over 13 or have given us signed Parental Consent. You can earn 60 Marapoints for each post at the Forums
What do I do if I see people posting bad things on the Forums? Click the "Report" button on the post you are reporting and a staff member will go to it.
What is Maramail? Maramail is a way of communicating personally with other Marapets players.
How do I report rude or offensive Mail? Click the "Report" button on the mail you are reporting and a staff member will go to it.
How can I stop someone from Maramailing me? Either click "block" on their mail or click "block mail" on our Maramail page and type thier name in the box.
What is "Begging Mail"? Beggin Mail is any mail where someone is asking for items or points from you. You should report all begging mail.
What are Marapals and how do I get them? Marapals are special friends you can add to a list.
How can I add people to my Marapals list? Go to your Maramail inbox and click the Marapals link.
Type the name of the person you want to add in the box at the bottom or go to their profile and click the Marapal icon.