What are Stocks and Shares?

The Stock Market is where you can invest your own MP in one of the many virtual pet stores throught Marada.
Shops which make huge profits or get a lot of investment will mean that the value of their shares will go up,
which can make you huge profits. You can sell your shares to make you money.

Which Shares Should I buy?

You should look to buy shares with a current price of 10MP.
When you look at the Stock Market Companies you will see the price the shares started the day at,
the current price of the shares and the percentage shows how much the price has gone up or down in the day.

Companies with a current price of less than 10MP cannot be purchased.

How do I Buy the Shares?

Go to Stock Market Companies to find which shares are at 10MP.
Click on the name of the Company then type in the number of shares you want to buy.

How Many Shares Can I Buy?

You can have a maximum of 2,500 shares at any time.
You do not have to buy all 2,500 in one company, you can have several smaller share holdings at the same time.

Do I have to be Rich to Buy Shares?

No, you can buy 10 shares at 10MP for a total of 100MP if you want but the more you buy, the bigger profits you will make.

If you have 25,000MP to invest, try buying 5 lots of 500 shares in different companies.

What do I do after I bought the Shares?

Remember to check your shares several times each day if you can.
Sell any shares that have made a profit and keep the ones that have made a loss.
Buy more shares to replace the ones you just sold.
Never sell shares that have gone down below the price you paid for them. They will go back up.

How Do I Sell the Shares?

Go to your shares and click "Sell Now".

Don't forget that shares are automatically sold after 7 days
even if the price is down, so make sure you check them regularly.

Check How Stocks have Performed Recently


Enjoy investing in the stock market and this time next year we could all be millionaires.