This is a list of activities you can do every day. Some are free, some are not.

These activities are all free.

Gingerbread House
Pets fed for free if you have less than 7,500mps.
Christmas Tree
Gives out free items once a day.
Fruit Machine
Win MPs or DNA once a day.
Advent Calendar
Free MPs or items each day in December.
Open Graves
Find the Bolimo to win MPs once a day.
Clock Tower
Randomly increases pet stats once a day.
Operation Portal
Randomly changes pet's species or colour once a day.
Worm Digging
Dig to find Worms or MPs once every 3 hours.
Guess the Weight
Guess the weight of the potato to win MPs and a Potato once a day.
Win BPs or items once every 8 hours.
Eleka Tombola
Win RPs or items once every 8 hours.
Match the cards to win MPs, BPs or DNA once every 10 minutes.
Bank Interest
Remember to collect your bank interest every day.
One in a Million
Guess the correct number of coins to win one million MPs once every 90 minutes.
Pot of Gold
Pick up items donated by other players anytime.
Games Arcade
Play and send score on each game 3 times per day.
Undying Tombola
Win items or mps once every 8 hours.
Clothing Rack
Grab some Celebrity Clothing once per day.
Dig for Keys, Dukka Coins and MPs once per 24 hours.
Trash Fairy
Find the bottle cap under the cup to win prizes once per hour.
Test your Strength
Test your strength to win prizes once every 3 hours.
Beauty Contest
Enter your character doll in the weekly Beauty Contest.
Ugly Contest
Enter your Character doll in the weekly Ugly Contest.
Fortune Teller
Visit the Fortune Teller in Slater Park for words of wisdom. Every 3 hours.
Take a chance losing your pet's head and win prizes once every 16 hours.
Heads or Tails
Correctly pick Heads or Tails and win prizes once every 2 hours.
Undying Fairy
Spin the wheel and throw a dagger at the fairy and win prizes once every 4 hours.
Enter your pets in the Olympic events and win Olympic points to spend on items. Every 2 hours.
Mystery Item
Guess the Mystery Item. Once a day.
Nutty Tree
Collect nuts from the Nutty Tree every 4 hours.
Let your pet swim in the City Sewers. Every 24 hours.
Trash Heap
Rummage in the Trash Heap, see what you can find. Every 48 hours.
Lush Tombola
Play Lush Tombola. win prizes. Every 8 hours.
Ant Hill
Visit Ant Hill once per day and try to grab a prize.

These activities are not free.

Newth Racing
Bet on a Newth and win some MPs.
Buy some tickets for a chance to win the jackpot.
Buy some tickets for a chance to win Mps and DNA.
Buy a Scratchcard for a chance to win great prizes.
Stock Market
Invest in some Shares.
Gumball Machine
Buy a Gumball, you might get a rare one!
Fasoro Falls
Let your minipet ride the Falls, it might change colour once every 4 hours.
Plushie Machine
Try to pick up a plushie once every 15 minutes.
Murfin Madness
Let your pet ride the rollercoaster once every 2 hours. This can make your pet sick.
Eleka Fountain
Toss 50RPs into the Fountain to gain a magic stat. This can make your pet sick.
Feed a Worm to a Fish and win MPs and a scholarship.
Eleka Prison
Feed a minipet and win RPs and a Circus Ticket.
Simerian Statue
Visit the Statue to gain random education stats for your pet.
Sword in the Stone
Pull the Sword from the Stone to win mps.
Obese Fairy
Feed food items over rarity 10 to your pet to win mps and prizes.
Knutt House
Feed a nut to a Knutt and win MPs. You might win a Mental Costume.
Photo Parlour
Take a photo of your pets. Once every 12 hours.
Ice Caves
Take your pet to the Ice Caves to gain stats. Once per day.
Sewer Pipes
Ride the Sewer Pipes to gain pet stats. Every 24 hours.
Ferris Wheel
Let your minipet ride the Ferris Wheel to gain Minipet Plates. Every 4 hours.
News Stand
Buy a Newspaper to read to your pet. Every 2 hours.
Magazine Stand
Buy a Magazine to read to your pet. Every hour.
Web Cam
Take a photo of your pets. Once every 12 hours.

Missions , Quests, Goals and Temples are a great way to earn MPs and items.

Missions Explains the different missions
you can do for great rewards.
Quests Explains the different quests
you can do to earn mps and prizes.
Goals Explains the different goals
you can do to earn mps and prizes.
Temples Explains the different temples
you can do to earn mps and prizes.

To gain the most from this game it pays to train your pet.

Train your pet at the Gym.
Elite Gym
Train your pet at the Elite Gym.
Enrol your pet in school classes.
Enrol your pet in university classes.